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Jools' Eyes

ATTN: EVERYONE!!!! I am extrememly sorry if I have made any of you worry about me, and I would like to say that this site is no longer as dear to me as it once was. I dont have the time to update it, and the rpg is basically dead. Sierria, who played Mistoffelees, has no internet anymore. Anyone who signs up just posts once, and never really comes back. All we have left really is Zoe and Jemima, which isnt really enough to run an rpg. Oh well, I guess. Sorry for any inconviences. Thank you all for the wonderful time you once gave me. I will never forget you.

~Joolsy Kitty~

The mystical divinity of unashamed felinity
Round the cathedral rang 'Vivat'
Life to the everlasting cat!

"Cats... Now and Forever"


Who are the "Jellicles" I'm seeing?


Go to the Jellicle Junkyard...

Who are the Jellicles I'm seeing??